WELL_COMP is designed for completion engineers to design various completion strategies for production optimization, sand control, and economic evaluation.
For any given completion strategy used, WELL_COMP allows completion or production engineers to evaluate the productivity of wells, the cost involved, and the effectiveness of the sand control strategy. Starting from an open hole, different completion strategies for productivity and effectiveness of sand control methods can be compared and evaluated, including:

  • Open Hole

  • Perforated

  • Pre-perforated/packed Wells

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • cavity fracturing

  • Fracpack

  • Acid and Acid fracturing

  • Gravel packing



  • Productivity evaluation for open hole and slotted liners

  •  Gravel packing and productivity computation and optimization

  • Perforation phase design and optimization

  • Fracpack and fracturing design

  •  Formation acidation

  •  Acid fracturing

  • Slot liner and perforation sizing on sand control and production

  • Sanding risk and production optimization for gravel packing

  • Skins and formation damages factors

  • Heavy oil productivity computation      




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