Our business goals are to:

  • Provide a user-friendly, portable computer simulator (Windows OS),
  • Provide software for production engineers to determine the incipience of sand production so that sand control methods can be effectively applied,
  • Assist completion engineers in designing an optimized perforation strategy,
  • Predict critical drawdown/depletion and flow rate to the initiation of massive sand production,
  • Assist engineers in managing sand production in either oil or gas reservoirs in horizontal wells,
  • Determine the critical BHP or mud density for wellbore stability,
  • Quantify a screen criterion for open hole well completion,
  • Evaluate sand cut and the enhanced reservoir performance during cold production operations,
  • Analyze thermal stresses and temperature change near a wellbore, subject to conductive/convective heat flow, and wellbore stability design,
  • Conduct coupled geomechanics and multiphase flow simulations,
  • Predict optimum gas injection rate and BHP during underbalanced drilling,
  • Optimize production processes such as artificial lifting, tubing size selection, reservoir simulation and IPR-TPR and nodal analysis.
  • Determing stress profile near fault region
  • Design HF in HDR for EGS
  • Developing FE code simutations in unconventional reservoirs
  • Simulation naturally fractured reservoirs




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